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    Is there an FES equivalent to this? Thanks.

    function my_booking_notification_email( $emails, $booking_id ){
    $emails = array(
    ‘example@example.com’, //you can specify multiple emails
    return $emails;<br />
    add_filter( ‘eventorganiser_booking_notification_email’, ‘my_booking_notification_email’, 10, 2 );

    Craig Haller

    There is eventorganiser_fes_admin_email which filters the email used, but its global and not aware of the event.

    Are you trying to change the email, or CC emails based on the event?

    Stephen Harris

    Stephen: I sense you were away for a bit, hope it was fun if so.
    I needed anytime a new event is posted that an alert goes to two members of my team based on nothing but that there is a new event. I thought of doing it in event_created but figured that would include ical imports, etc.
    I ended up putting in a new email address then having my email server forward that email address to others as I need.

    Craig Haller

    Summer holidays 🙂

    Yeah, the FES has far fewer hooks for email notifications than the booking notifications. I’ll release an update this week to add some additional filters.

    Stephen Harris

    Great. Looking forward to the new filters! And welcome back to work. lol

    Craig Haller

    1.8.0 has the following hooks added:

    For the notification email sent to the submitter:

    • eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event_email_body
    • eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event_email_subject
    • eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event_email_headers
    • eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event_email_attachments

      All hooks pass the event ID and form object as parameters.

    For the notification email sent to the admin email, this hook allows you to over-ride the recipient: eventorganiser_fes_submitted_event_admin_notification_email

    You can pass an array to sent the “admin” notification email to multiple emails

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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