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    I have three Google iCal feeds syncing with EO (we’ll call them A, B, and C). The calendars are set to sync hourly, and Feeds A and B auto-sync fine. However, Feed C doesn’t sync unless I manually do it. And when I do, it spins for a while and then tells me:

    “An unknown error has occurred”

    When I refresh the iCal Feeds page, Feed C reports that it successfully synced.

    What can I do to make Feed C auto-sync correctly?

    Possibly related, when I delete events from Feed C’s Google calendar, the events do not get deleted from the website. However, when I imported Feed C on a local install of WP, deleted Google cal events get deleted from my local WP install.

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    Eric Corpus

    Hi Eric,

    Do you mind sharing the feed URLs? (If so, feel free to use the contact form to send them.

    Based on what you’re seeing, my initial thought is that its timing out. But this may require more investigation.

    It sounds like its working on your local test install. Is that right?

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen,

    I sent the three feed URLs through the contact form.

    I haven’t tested the auto-sync on my local install. However, when I do sync it, it doesn’t give me the “unknown error” message, and it deletes events that I delete on Google calendar.

    Eric Corpus

    The scheduled auto-sync appears to be working on my local install. No reported errors.

    Eric Corpus
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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