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    I have a department in our staff updating our Community Events calendar on one of our sites. And then I use iCal Sync to import those events into several other sites. However, it appears that the featured images are not syncing.

    Is it possible to support images when using iCal Sync?

    Dave Navarro

    Unfortunately not, iCal feeds do not provide for ‘featured images’. Event organiser’s parser does pick up on attributes in iCal feeds which are not declared in the specification, however, so you if you can control the feed of the event source your could modify it to include the url to the thumbnail, and then on the ‘receiving site’, download that image from that url and store it with the site. That’s a non-trivial task, but I can’t see why it shouldn’t be possible.

    The only problem with this is that the iCal feed being broadcast is no longer (strictly speaking) valid. Some iCal parsers (which I believe includes Google calendars) will not accept invalid iCal feeds.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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