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    Following the latest update to 3.7.0 with the support for OpenStreetMap, I have found that event pages with Google maps are not loading properly and timing out. Once I changed to OpenStreetMap resolved but does now mean that I can use Google maps

    Kim Harding

    Hi Kim,

    Could you switch back to Google maps, and I’ll take a look? Did you get any server-side errors, or client-side errors?

    Stephen Harris

    The problem is this is a live site at coming up to the busiest time of year, and I have already a had a lot of complaints from users unable to buy tickets.

    Kim Harding

    People have been commenting that it was causing problems with Chrome on Windows and iOS, and with IE. Firefox was reporting was an unresponsive script, but once stopped the page loaded and they could buy tickets. If that helps

    Kim Harding

    Thanks Kim, I understand. I’ll keep investigating. Do you happen to know what script was unresponsive? Was it the Google Maps library?

    Stephen Harris

    Also, are you using Google Maps with an API key? (And are you aware of the changes to their pricing).

    Stephen Harris

    Yes, have been using Google Maps with an API key, thanks for the heads up on the price changes.

    Turn on Google maps briefly and ran a debugger which yielded the following output, if that is any use

    Error: Script terminated by timeout at:

    Kim Harding

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve not been able to reproduce this, but it could be related to the cache. You could try clearing the cache (via wpfc) or disabling that plugin temporarily.

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Kim,

    Do you have Yoast’s SEO plug-in installed? After investigating this with another customer, it appears that in their case it could be a conflict with Yoast SEO. I’m continuing to investigate the issue, but if you do you have Yoast’s SEO plugin activated on your site, then it could be that.

    Stephen Harris

    Yes, I do have the Yoast’s SEO plugin activated on my site

    Kim Harding

    I get the same timeout error as Kim if running EO 3.7.1. Google maps load if running EO 3.6.5(which I have on another site). I have Yoast on both sites.

    Wouldn’t mind running openstreetmap but it needs some beautification.

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    Andy Burns

    A fix for this has now been found, and they’ll be a release later today.

    If you wish to fix it manually you can see the change here. (Please note you will need to replace the contents of frontend.min.js with the edited copy of frontend.js, or enable SCRIPT_DEBUG (not recommended).

    Stephen Harris
    Kim Harding
Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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