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    I have a problem with the plugin in wordpress.

    The next and pevious month button for the widget doesn´t work.


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    Hi Stevan,

    Can you take a look at the relevant steps outlined in the FAQ, and report back with how you get on. I will also need a little more information. What’s happens when you click the previous/next – nothing? Or does the page reload? Do you get any errors in the browser console? Given that the widget generally works fine its probably another plug-in or theme – try disabling them and switching to TwentyElevent/Twelve – does the problem still persist? Can you provide a link to the site?

    (Also, please provide more descriptive titles when you report bugs as this will help future visitors – ‘event organiser’ is not very helpful on a site dedicated to Event Organiser 🙂 ).



    Stephen Harris

    When i click on the next button, the page is reloading. I didn`t get errors on the page.

    I tried to change the Theme to TwentyTwelve. In this Theme the widget works fine.

    So I think it`s a problem with the theme.

    The link to the Site: http://www.ff-schoenbach.at

    Im sorry, but my english ist the best.


    THX for helping


    I use the Theme “iFeature Pro” from “cyberchimps”




    Hi Stevan,

    Seems the javascript is loading on your site, the problem with the theme is the one mentioned here about register_sidebar(). You’ll need to find register_sidebar() in your theme (will probably be in functions.php – and won’t be in any template files), and change the before_widget as indicated. It should then work fine.

    I’ll get in touch with the theme developers in the hope they will change this. In later versions of EO I’ll probably try to work-around this problem which occurs with some themes.


    Stephen Harris

    Thank you!

    I found it in the following File:

    THX a lot! 😉


    Where can i change the language for “Show more” and “Show less”?



    The strings will be translated according to the language set. But since they are new, the po/mo files haven’t been updated to include translations for them. If you’d like to help translate the plug-in – please let me know :).

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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