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    I keep getting warming messages from my security plug in that “The Plugin “event-organiser-discount-codes/event-organiser-discount-codes.php” appears to be abandoned (updated 25th November 2017, tested to WP 4.9).”

    Is it abandoned? I hope not.

    Kim Harding

    Actually the same goes for:
    The Plugin “event-organiser-fes/event-organiser-fes.php” appears to be abandoned (updated 11th May 2017, tested to WP 4.7.4).
    The Plugin “Event Organiser CSV” appears to be abandoned (updated 25th May 2015, tested to WP 4.2.23).
    The Plugin “Event Organiser Posterboard” appears to be abandoned (updated 14th September 2016, tested to WP 4.6.14).
    The Plugin “event-organiser-ical-sync/event-organiser-ical-sync.php” appears to be abandoned (updated 18th July 2016, tested to WP 4.5.3).

    Kim Harding

    Same problem here… support ticket open since January. Anybody knows, what is happening?

    edith mayerhofer

    I think the security plug-in is basing that on the ‘tested up to’ and last updated version.

    So you can safely ignore them; I only update plug-ins to address compatibility issues new WordPress versions, so if you’re on the latest version you should be fine.

    Stephen Harris


    Kim Harding
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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