eo_get_event_schedule sometimes doesn't return the first occurence

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    I’m not sure if it’s a bug or the normal behaviour but eo_get_event_schedule doesn’t return the first event date when that date is equals to event->start_date

    Basicly I have the start date set as 01/03/2013

    Then i put reoccuring as ‘custom’ and selects 01/03/2013 and 05/03/2013 as occurences

    when I call eo_get_event_schedule I only have the 05/03/2013 in the list.

    For now I solved the problem by adding the start_date in my list of dates since it’s always the case on my events but i think it might be a bug somewhere

    Thank you

    mathieu parisot

    The function eo_get_event_schedule() does not return the occurrence dates (see eo_get_the_occurrences_of() for that). It returns schedule information about the event.

    How are you getting dates from eo_get_event_schedule()?

    Stephen Harris

    Damn I missed this one !

    Thank you that solved my problem

    I was using eo_get_event_schedule() and then iterating on the include part of the result.

    $schedule = eo_get_event_schedule();
    for($schedule['include'] as $occurence) {...}

    And that way it had the bug i mentionned.

    mathieu parisot
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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