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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with emails not being received by participants? I see that using the “WP Mail Logging” plugin the email seems to be sent out but there is nothing received in the participants’ inboxes.

    Any ideas/things to check?


    Colin Gajraj

    Sorry I should add that the admin email notifications are being sent out and received…

    Colin Gajraj

    Hi Colin,

    I believe I replied to any email about this the other day. Did you get it?

    If the email is being logged by WP Mail Logging then the plug-in is working correctly. Whether that email is successfully sent and received is then out of the hands of the plug-in. The fact that only some emails are not being received could be that emails are being blocked by the recipient’s email provider or an issue specifically with that email.

    Recently I came across and issue with a customer whose site was hosted by Go Daddy. They weren’t sending emails with subjects longer than a certain length – which was the case for some emails for this customer due to the long event titles they had used. I’ve not seen this with other hosts, but that may be an explanation if your event titles are long. From memory the subject limit was around 70 characters (applied to the whole subject not just the event title).

    Stephen Harris

    Thanks for your response. First, I did not get your earlier email. Not sure why.

    As I mentioned to you in my email response, I did find out that the reason was because I was using an admin email with a domain that was different from the website domain. Once I addressed this, all was okay!

    Colin Gajraj
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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