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    We just updated our EventOrganiser Pro to the latest version. We use it to book workshops on our website.

    After someone registers for a workshop PayPal sends an email to our treasurer. The email used to show the name of the workshop and whether the buyer is a member or non member. Now it only shows member or non member and not the name of the workshop.

    Is this something that needs to be set in PayPal or should I be adding that information in EventOrganiser somewhere?

    Judy Kavanagh

    Hi Judy,

    What version did you update from and to? The plug-in doesn’t control in anyway emails sent out from PayPal, and I’m not aware of anything changing in recent versions that might impact what data the plug-in sends to PayPal.

    Event Organiser doesn’t have any notion of whether the user is a “member” or not (unless a member is just someone with a user account) – but also, that information isn’t provided to PayPal by the plug-in (it will send the payee’s name and email, the ticket name which includes the event name, and data related to the cost of the tickets and the checkout total). Is it possible that someone has had some custom functionality to supply extra data to PayPal?

    Stephen Harris

    We upgraded to version 3.2.0. Not sure which version we had but it was 2 years since we bought it last.

    The event name is the name of the workshop and this is what’s missing. The member/non member is the data related to the cost as they have different prices.

    I have customized the code but nothing to do with what data is sent to PayPal.

    Here’s one of the events:

    Thanks for your help.

    Judy Kavanagh

    Hi Judy,

    I think this is because the description of the Ticket changed from <Event name> (<ticket name>) to just <ticket name>. Does that match what has changed in your emails?

    If you can confirm that for me, I can release an update to revert that change as I think it was unintentional.

    Kind regards,

    Stephen Harris

    Hi Stephen

    Yes, I think that’s the issue. I see there is an update out. Should that fix this problem?


    Judy Kavanagh

    Hi Judy,

    This should be fixed in 3.3.1 which was released today.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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