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    Hello Stephen,

    I am running into an issue with [eo_fullcalendar] when displaying an event in 2 languages.

    I am using WPML to do the language translation for my website and have created a sample event in the default language English along with a related Spanish translation of that event. All worked as expected for creating the events and the 2 events exist and are related to each other.

    To test out functionality, I have created a page with the shortcode [eo_fullcalendar] at the top of the page and the shortcode [eo_calendar] underneath it.

    When I bring up the public view of that page in English, both calendar shortcode views show the english event as expected. However, when I switch the language to Spanish using WPML’s language switcher in the main menu, the [eo_fullcalendar] calendar still displays the english version of the event while the [eo_calendar] short code calendar displays the spanish version of the event (as expected).

    If interested, you can view the test page at https://starblossomsalliance.com/events/<br />
    .. and try it out by switching languages and then mousing over the July 12th date on the two calendar displays.

    I am guessing that I may need to add something to the [eo_fullcalendar] shortcode so that it displays language appropriate events (when changing languages) in the same manner that the [eo_calendar] short code does? Can you please help me out on this?



    Ron Klausing

    Just noticed the test page url in the original post has an extra <br at the end. The test page can be accessed at

    Ron Klausing

    I believe that’s because WPML isn’t setting the language in the AJAX request for the calendar. Is the calendar itself (days of week, months etc) correctly translated.

    You may want to follow the advice given here: https://wpml.org/forums/topic/wpml-doesnt-pass-a-current-language-to-the-ajax-request-properly/

    Stephen Harris

    Yes, the calendar general elements (month names, view toggle between month & week) are displaying correctly as the language is switched back and forth between English and Spanish. This would indicate that the calendar itself knows that the language has switched and it has updated its display elements correctly (with the exception of events for [eo_fullcalendar]).

    However, when it comes to displaying the correct event in the appropriate language, only the [eo_calendar] view properly shows the Spanish language event when the langauge is switched to Spanish. The [eo_fullcalendar] continues to show the English event, regardless of the language selected.

    You can check out the example here https://starblossomsalliance.com/events/

    If this is a bug with [eo_fullcalendar] (still to be determined) is it possible to style [eo_calendar] in a manner similar to [eo_fullcalendar]?

    Ron Klausing

    Hi Ron,

    It’s not a bug with Event Organiser, WPML isn’t setting the language on the ajax requests. In the thread I linked to it describes a ‘cookie’ setting that may resolve your problem.

    Also note that the [eo_calendar] shortcode doesn’t behave as desired either really – if you navigate forward a month and back, note the event reverts to English. This is because it is being updated via an Ajax request and WPML isn’t setting the language on ajax requests.

    The weekdays/months and [eo_calendar] (initially) only appear correctly as there are rendered as part of the initial page load.

    Stephen Harris

    Hello Stephen,

    Yes, I see what you mean and apologies for missing that outcome in my testing. I did review the other thread you shared and set the WPML Ajax cookie setting, flushed the server cache and re-tried the page but did not observe a difference.

    The Ajax cookie in WPML is currently set to “On” and I will conduct further testing but not really sure where to go next if it continues to not work.

    Appreciate your help to get this working as I find the solution you have developed to be well designed and looking forward to getting through these initial items.



    Ron Klausing

    Hello Stephen,

    I have cloned the website to a sandbox and a current example of the issue can be viewed here https://starblossomsalliance.com/sandbox/calendar/ by toggling back and forth language on the calendar page which contains [eo_fullcalendar] on the top and [eo_calendar] on the bottom of the page.

    I do see a difference with the WPML Ajax Cookie setting turned on. The [eo_calendar] view on the page no longer looses it language reference when traversing months. The [eo_calendar] view displays the correct language version of the calendar + the related events in that language.

    This sidebar widget “Events Calendar” also displays the correct calendar & events information for the selected language.

    So, with the WPML Ajax Cookie setting, [eo_calendar] on the page and “Events Calendar” widget in the sidebar operate as expected and display a calendar and events in the selected language.

    The [eo_fullcalendar] still experiences the same issue as before in that the calendar elements (days of week, months, etc) all display as expected in the selected language. Traversing months does not cause the language to change. The events displayed however, are always the English events.

    I have tried a simple page refresh when on the Spanish language and [eo_fullcalendar] still shows the English events only.

    I have noticed a similar issue with the “Events Agenda” widget in the sidebar. After selecting the Spanish language, the widget displays the English event until you traverse to the next event using the widget arrow buttons. When the widget arrow button is clicked on the agenda widget, it then traverses to the next event and displays the Spanish version of the event.

    So, overall some good success with [eo_calendar] and “Events Calendar” widget now working as expected however, there are still issues with [eo_fullcalendar] and the widget “Events Agenda”.

    If you’d like credentials to access the sandbox, just let me know and I can set it up for you. The sandbox can be easily replicated and is throwaway, so you could try whatever you wanted on the sandbox.

    We have an 8 hour time difference as I am on Canada Pacific timezone but I usually check in before starting work in case there is anything I can do.

    Please let me know how you would like to proceed to resolve.

    Greatly appreciate your help,


    Ron Klausing

    Hello Stephen,

    no need to check into this further as I have decided to try a different approach. Thanks for your help.


    Ron Klausing
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