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    We received a ‘Cookie Nonce is Invalid’ for one user, unfortunately it is our first day live with the booking system, and so far we have only had 8 bookings (all succesfull and payments taken)

    Do you think this is a one of glitch? or some thing we may have configured wrong at our end we have autoptimize caching plugin and word fence also is installed are there any exclusions we need to put in place for autoptimize?



    Paul Newbery

    Hi Paul,

    The most likely issue here is that the cookie nonce has expired. They should last 12 hours, so I wouldn’t expect this error. But one possible cause is the caching plugin. If that cache lasts longer than 12 hours then that nonce value will be caught in that cache and maybe used after its expired.

    If you disable caching for booking form page, and see if you get any further instances.

    I’ve noticed that when the cookie nonce has expired, a new one is returned so its possible to implement a re-try mechanism which I will do in a future update to mitigate the issue.

    Stephen Harris

    We have disabled caching plugin and see if problems arise, we have such a small volume of bookings it is hard to replicate.

    Paul Newbery

    Hi Paul,

    The latest update (3.0.9) will automatically attempt a retry with a new cookie nonce value should the current one be in invalid.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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