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    I just started with tickets. The beginning went well, but whatever I try now the tickets show up as ‘sold out’.
    I have a test-event:
    Whatever I try: changing the date and make a new ticket; making a whole new event; changing the cap.; changing start- and end date. Nothing helps. Always the tickets show up as ‘sold out’.
    The settings in this event now are: cap: 60, ticket: 30

    Hope you can help me. It’s rather urgent.

    Charlotte Maas

    Hi Charlotte,

    There appears to be a plug-in ‘autoptimize’ which seems to be causing javascript errors on the page. In the first instance I would try and prevent that plug-in from the booking page (if that is possible) or the plug-in javascript files.

    It’s not not clear why it is causing errors, but note that the plug-in’s javascript files are already minimized.

    Stephen Harris

    Same bug. Stephen.

    Michael Fritz
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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