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    I renewed my account with you on the 6th of July and paid the £72 you needed – thanks.

    I need to ask a support question, but the only place in the forum where the topic box opens is here on pre-sales questions. Is my account active?

    When I click any other forum link, like General Question, the page is all messed up, looking like default text or the CSS is not loading.

    Anyway, the question I need an answer to is I had an event that started at 6.30pm on the 8th of July 2017, and the organiser wanted to stop selling tickets the previous day. When I listed the event I selected the option to end ticket sales on the 7th.

    That worked okay as some people tried to buy tickets at 11.15pm on the 7th and the tickets were not available.

    My question is, what time would the tickets be on sale to on the 7th? Would it be 6.30pm ie 24 hours before the start of the event, or some other time.

    Thanks for your help
    Chris Hirst

    Chris Hirst
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    Hi Chris, I’ll look into why you cannot post new topics on the General Questions but your account is active. Regarding the sale period, you can specify both a date and time for the ticket to come off sale.

    If no time is entered it defaults to 23:59 for the ‘until’ time.

    Stephen Harris
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    thanks for that. is the time of 23.59 GMT or BST? It’s just that I had people trying to buy tickets from one event at 23.15 BST at the weekend but the tickets were not shown available.

    When I placed the listing the time was BST.

    Having looked at the forum this morning, all seems well and the layout is fine along with the submit a question box.


    Chris Hirst
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    Yes, the forum issue was fixed this morning.

    It will be in the timezone of the blog (See Settings > General). Ideally this should be set to a city to account for daylight saving adjustments.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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