Can not delete forms from FES or Booking Form

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    I installed the Base plugin, as well as the Pro and FES plugins.

    When I attempt to delete a form from FES or from the Booking Form area I get a message “Missing Payload”

    Further testing also revealed that when attempting to edit and save a report, the system increments a new form rather than save over the one I was working with.

    What diagnostics I’ve been able to run:
    1) Created a new WordPress environment from scratch to eliminate possible plugin interaction. The error continued to occur.
    2) Some minor attempts to debug appears to show that the program is loosing touch with which form is which.

    Daniel Coelho

    It does look like this might be a host related issue. I’m not 100% sure what interaction is causing it.

    When I stood up all of the components on a localhost with docker, everything works as expected. However even a fresh instance of WordPress on the webhost has the above mentioned failures.

    Daniel Coelho
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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