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    I’m having a strange problem with my calender. It doesn’t want to load the first 3 months (january / februar / march). When I click to april and further, al events load fine.

    I’m using a page with the [eo_fullcalendar] shortcode, and it ens up like this:

    When I click on the blue arrows to april, all events are loading fine:

    In the admin-interface al events are loading fine:

    Also whn I use other shortcodes like [eo_calendar] everything is working ok. It’s just with the full calendar I’m having troubles. I can’t post a link to my site as it is a “members only” site, so you can’t access the calendar-page.

    Btw: a few days ago everything was working fine… I don’t know what could have caused it to break.

    Thanks for looking into this issue!


    Seems very odd. Have you tried re-saving an event in case its a cache issue? (Though I’d be surprised if this was the cause).

    I’d recommend using a a browser console to view the ajax response (in Chrome, dev tools, Network tab). Refresh the page and/or navigate with the calendar and look for admin-ajax.php to see what the response is.

    Has anything changed (plug-ins, themes etc) between it last working and now? Have you tried temporarily disabling your other plug-ins and switching to TwentyEleven/Twelve to check if it works then?

    Stephen Harris


    Thanks for your answer.
    I disabled all plugins and then re-enabled the plugins one by one, and now the calendar is working again.

    I guess it could have been a cache problem, but the problem was not only appearing on my computer, but on all computers.

    For now it’s fixed, so I’m happy!

    Thanks and also thanks for developping this great plugin!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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