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    Hi Stephen,

    the problem is as stated in the title. For ‘anonymous’ users the calendar nevers stops loading (and the events are not shown), but everything goes fine as soon as you log in as a registered user. I have enabled the WP debug option, but nothing gets reported either on screen or in the error log.

    The page address is

    I have also set up a temporary user (userid=tester, pwd=test2018) if you would like to see that the problem disappears as soon as you log in.

    Thanks in advance — Jarek


    Hi Jaroslaw,

    For logged out users, the ajax request to retrieve events is getting the error: Accessing author info via REST API is forbidden. That error message must be coming from a third-party plugin, probably a security related one.

    I’ve seen this reported before, but I’ve not yet identified the plugin responsible.

    It is presumably a setting in such a plugin which blocks user data from the REST API. However, the calendar doesn’t actually use the REST API, so in that sense it is kind of a bug with the plug-in.

    The user data in this context is simply the user ID, which is used for filtering events by author on the calendar.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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