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    I think I have done someting strange – or maybe it is a bug?
    The FES do not have it´s own widget-function, so I made a text-widget with a link to the form.
    • Under the tet-widget I use a widget from EO called “Eventlist”.
    • The title from this EO-widget become a link into FES submissons form (from the text widget above)
    Why? It is not logic … If I want a link here I will have it to an event list and not to FES.

    Did I do something or is it a bug in FES or EO? (My theme does not link the title in any other widget).


    Handelsplats Norsjö

    Hi Ana,

    The plugin doesn’t add a link. It sounds like the link in your text widget is ‘bleeding’ into the next widget (remove the text widget to check).

    You might want to ensure your text widget HTML is correctly formatted. e.g.

     <a href="http://yoursite.com/yourpage">Link text</a>
    Stephen Harris

    Hello. I moved the text widget under the calender widget and then it is no problem. But then I placed a new calender widget in the footer – and that widget now got the link in the title. It “bleeds” to the calender widget placed under. No other widget seemes to be infected. My code is

    Handelsplats Norsjö

    Hi Anna,

    To display code leave a blank line and indent by four spaces or highlight it and click the curly braces in the toolbar. Otherwise it won’t display correctly.

    As above, it sounds like the HTML in the text widget is not formatted correctly.

    Stephen Harris

    I´ve solved the problem.
    I changed the code to <link><media.png>, then the bleeding stoped.


    Handelsplats Norsjö
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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