Booking form for recurring event not showing dates beyond end of the year

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    I have a recurring event that was created in June 2021 and continues once per week through June 2022. The booking form shows the recurring events under “Upcoming Dates” into 2022 but the date picker pop-up menu is not showing any dates beyond 12/31/21. I have another recurring event with a similar time horizon and it is showing dates correctly.

    What is the criteria for the pop-up menu deciding whether to show a recurring date or not?


    Robert Stankey

    Hi Robert,

    A couple of things to check:

    1) The event dates appear correctly in the admin calendar (just to confirm the issue isn’t that the plug-in isn’t recurring the event only until the end of the year). Though I suspect you’ll find this isn’t the issue.

    2) More likely is that the tickets have been created are not assigned to dates after December. This can happen if you extend the events dates after creating tickets (the tickets won’t be available for the new dates unless you edit the ticket). To check this, edit the event, and edit the ticket(s). In the calendar that appears for each ticket you can check that the event’s dates after 12/31/21 are selected. If not, select those dates (or if appropriate, just click ‘select all’ and save the event.

    Apart from having tickets assigned to the date there are no other criteria (sold out should appear differently). There are hooks which can alter the behaviour, but unless you have added some custom code this is unlikely the cause.

    Stephen Harris

    The issue was related to #2. I had assumed my ticket dates would also be extended.


    Robert Stankey
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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