A few pre-sales questions!

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    Hi –

    I am wading through a whole load of Event Bookings plugins, trying to find one that is suitable for our customer. I have installed and played with the free version of this one – and it looks good. I have a couple of questions.

    The customer runs a series of courses (both single and multi day) and needs to take bookings. Initially this will just be reserving places and then paying online (Stripe). That all seems doable.

    The questions are:

    1) He runs a lot of courses – they have a small number of tickets for each. What we’d like is for the calendar to change the way the course is shown on the calendar (which will be the main interface for the customers) so that it is ‘greyed out’ and perhaps ‘unclickable’ when all of the tickets for that course have been sold. That means they can see at a glance what is still available.

    2) Rather than opening a new page to show the course details (which will actually be thoroughly described on the page where the calendar lives), we’d want to bring up a booking form – very simple, with their details and how many tickets they want – as a pop up so they aren’t taken off to another page.

    3) He offers different price points for some courses i.e. if you buy one place on the course then it is £500 but block book 5 places and it’s £300 per ticket. Is that possible with the booking part of this plugin?

    Thanks very much – Jon

    Jon H
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    Initially this will just be reserving places and then paying online (Stripe). That all seems doable

    Unfortunately there is no ‘reserve now, pay later’ option. Payment is taken at the point of booking (unless you are using the ‘offline’ payment gateway).

    1) You can implement this with the calendar, however, all occurrences of an event link to the same event page. When the user is on the event page they’ll be prompted to pick a date (either via calendar or drop-down). Sold out dates will not be selectable. With a few lines of code it would be possible to alter the calendar link so that it pre-selects the date they originally clicked (you can do this without changing the plug-in code itself).

    2) Unfortunately this isn’t supported. The booking form exists on the event page.

    3) Again unfortunately this feature is available. There is a Discount codes extension, which could apply a discount if a certain number of tickets are booked, but this isn’t exactly what you describe. Additionally, discount codes are defined globally, so it might akward to create a discount code for each every ticket type. What you describe can be implemented however (and I can provide some example code) – but if it is to be configured by an end user you would need to build the UI and persistence of configuration to database.

    Stephen Harris
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