Stripe 2.0 & iCal 2.0 Updates

Today, along with more minor update Event Organiser 2.11.0 (post to follow), Event Organiser iCal 2.0.0 and Event Organiser Stripe 2.0.0 were released.

The X.0.0 version numbers are typically reserved for major updates, and particularly when there have been potentially “breaking” changes (i.e. changes which are not backwards-compatible, or the plug-in’s behaviour has significantly changed from what had been previously expected/intended).

Stripe 2.0.0 and iCal sync 2.0.0 are different. These ‘major updates’ are fairly minor with regards to features added, and bugs fixed. The major version number is just to draw attention to the fact that these plug-ins now require at least Event Organiser 2.7.0 (and not Event Organiser 2.0.0 / 2.2.0).

Event Organiser 2.0.0 had been the de-facto minimum requirement, but newer extensions have been requiring 2.7.0 or higher and now existing extensions will be (slowly) moved over.

In most cases (and as with Stripe & iCal Sync) you can still get away with running 2.0.0 / 2.2.0, but you won’t be able to update these extensions automatically unless you using Event Organiser 2.7.0+