PayPal Pro: Beta Testing

If you have a payment gateway that you want to see supported by Event Organiser, you can request it with this form.

Out of the box, Event Organiser supports PayPal and ‘offline’ as means of selling tickets. There is also the stripe extension, for accepting credit card payments on your site (without sending them to PayPal). And now, finally, there is an extension for PayPal Pro.

PayPal Pro, like Stripe, allows you to accept credit card payments on your site. This makes booking tickets a much simpler process for your users.

Before PayPal Pro can be released, I’d like to get some beta-testers on board to help test the extension in the ‘real world’. For their help, beta-testers will be issued with a free license key for the plug-in which will last one year.

The only requirement is that beta-testers must be Event Organiser Pro customisers.

Sign up for beta-testing

Beta-testing for PayPal Pro is currently closed. If you have any questions or wish to register an interest in beta-testing PayPal Pro, please get in touch via this form