Hook Documentation

The Event Organiser codex now has a dedicated hook reference section. This details the actions and filters used in Event Organiser, along with their location, arguments and examples of their use. Currently there are 52 hooks documented with more being added, including from Pro and other extensions.


The hook reference builds upon the substantial function reference which details the various APIs which are available to developers wishing to extend or modify Event Organiser. It’s hoped that with the addition of the hook reference, the codex can become an indispensable resource for developers.

But what about users?

The codex is intended for developers – and for users without any familiarity with php or WordPress it probably won’t be of much help. However a dedicated user documentation site is being completed. This will act as a reference for the many features Event Organiser and it’s extensions offer, including simple ‘quick start’ guides and details of all the widgets and shortcodes available. This site won’t be without its use for developers however, as some pages will include code snippets and references to the codex.