Event Organiser Ready Themes

Theme developers: Have you built, or would like to build an Event Organiser ready theme? If so I’d love to hear from you.

“Omega” has long been one of the themes you can use on the demo site. Shortly (and after a name change), it shall be appearing in the official WordPress theme repository. With that nearly complete, work has already begun on the next theme. Meet Delta:

Screenshot of Delta's events page

Screenshot of Delta’s events page

Delta – a responsive, grid-based theme – is still under early development, and they’ll be further announcements as it nears release. Once the theme is nearly complete it will also make its way on to the demo-site, where it shall be left to mature while final touches are made, before its release.

Are You A Theme Developer?

Are you theme a developer who has built – or would like to build – an “Event Organiser ready” theme. If so, then please I’d love to hear from you – I’m looking to gather a collection of themes that look great with Event Organiser out of the box. These themes can be commercial or free, and do no need to be hosted on wp-event-organiser.com (though they can be!).

These themes will be listed wp-event-organiser.com, with a link where they can be purchased (for commercial themes) or downloaded (for free themes).