Event Organiser Pro 1.7.2

1.7.2 has just been released. This is a fairly minor bug-fix update that addresses a few issues.

  • Uses HTTP_X_HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE instead of PUT/DELETE requests –
    Since 1.7 a couple of people reported not being able to update or delete booking forms. The problem was their host had PUT and DELETE requests disabled by default. While enabling them is just a matter of editing a .htaccess file, it’s better to ensure Event Organiser Pro works ‘out of the box’ on as many hosting environments as possible. This updates achieves this by using standard POST requests with HTTP_X_HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE.
  • Form settings bug –
    Fixes a minor javascript bug with mean the form settings tab would not save.
  • Search results template –
    A bug in 1.7 meant that the events page was used for search results if events were included in the search. This update fixes that.
  • Total row –
    The ‘total row’ on the booking form is now hidden or displayed using the visibility attribute rather than display attribute. This means the form doesn’t jump when you select a ticket and the total row appears.

Note: The above was published originally for 1.7.1. 1.7.2 was was released shortly afterwards to change some code which would only correctly run on servers running PHP 5.5.0 or higher. Event Organiser and all extensions, unless explicitly noted otherwise, can run on PHP versions as old as 5.2.4.