Event Organiser Pro 1.10.0-beta-2

Event Organiser Pro 1.10.0 has finally reached public beta. This update has long been tested in-house and running live on a number of sites as part of a closed beta. Subject to further tests, this release

If you’re an existing customer and you wish to try out this version early, please get in touch to request 1.10.0-beta

A detail breakdown of changes shall be available prior to it’s v1.10.0’s release, below is the changelog summary:

  • Booking form templates now over-ridable by themes
  • Conditional logic API added for booking forms
  • Allows bookings form to be imported/exported
  • Improved error feedback on form customiser
  • Element & Form factories added, improved booking form API
  • Added booking ticket meta API
  • Added filters for template option for admin e-mail. Added filters:
    • eventorganiser_notify_confirmed_booking_message
    • eventorganiser_notify_confirmed_booking_subject
    • eventorganiser_notify_new_booking_message
    • eventorganiser_notify_new_booking_subject
  • Added event bookings search
  • Added UI option to require a last name is provided (see Name form element)
  • Fixed incorrect ID assigned to radio list
  • Fixed checkbox classes not being applied
  • Fixed terms & conditions classes not being applied
  • Fixed class of address components
  • Fixed ID of address sub-fields eo-booking-field-street-address{ID} –> eo-booking-field-street-address-{ID}
  • Fixed ID of country address component
  • (Soft breaking change) Required address fields now values for all shown subfields (exception second line).
  • Removed .eo-booking-purchase-row from button