Event Organiser FES 1.1

Event Organiser FES 1.1 was released today, which is fully compatible with WordPress 4.0 (it fixes some deprecation notices you may have seen if in debug mode).

Additionally it adds two major features:

Adding new venues/categories

There is now an option for the event venue and category fields which, when enabled, allows the submitter to create a new venue/event to which to assign their event, rather than simply choosing from existing venues.

New venues are marked as ‘pending’, until the submitted event is first published. This means two things:

  1. For ordinary users, the venue won’t appear on the front-end
  2. In the WordPress admin you will see the venue suffixed with “(pending)”.

Importing / Exporting forms

This latest update allows you to download forms you’ve created to .json template, and also to upload such a file to import it as a new form. This, among other things, makes moving content from a staging site to a development site that bit easier.

Note that while an imported form is given a new ID, all the elements in the form retain their original IDs, as specified in the uploaded .json file.

Other updates

There were a few minor bugs which were addressed. Additionally the plug-in was tested against the latest WordPress 4.0 release.