Event Organiser 2.2 Launched

Event Organiser 2.2 went live today on the repository. Here’s a short summary of what you can expect:

Additional Options For Subscribe to Events Shortcode

The [eo_subscribe/] shortcode wraps a link around the content you specify, creating a subscribe link for events. For example:

 [eo_subscribe] Subscribe to our calendar [/eo_subscribe]

The shortcode already supports various attributes: E.g. type (by default this is ‘Google’ – to create a subscribe via a Google calendar link, or ‘webcal’, where the calendar application is left to the browser – or ‘ical’ a straight link to the iCal feed). You can use the title and class attributes to specify the title and class of the anchor tag (<a>) which is wrapped around the content.

Now with 2.2 you can also add inline styling for subscribe link via the style attribute. 2.2 also adds venue and category attributes: These allow you to create a subscribe link to a particular venue or category.

Theme developers: You can also use the functions eo_get_event_category_feed() and eo_get_event_venue_feed() in your themes. See docs.

Checkout the “subscribe to events” shortcode page for more details and examples.

Calendar Widget Improvements

A much asked for feature has been to show long events (events with occurrences spanning multiple days) on the widget calendar (as opposed to just the first day of each occurrence). With 2.2 this is now a possibility, just check the widget options.

There is also a link to ‘link to single event’. Typically, each date on the widget calendar with an event on it links to a page listing events on that day. This makes a lot of sense for days which have multiple events on them, but if you only have one event per day it’s perhaps preferable to link straight to the event. Enabling this option does just that.

Various classes have also been added to the calendar widget which allow you to tweak the styling of your events calendar via your theme’s style.css. There’ll be an tutorial coming shortly!

(See Widgets Page)

Category colour in event category table

Thanks to @mperry2 for this feature! The event category admin table now shows the category’s colour. If you want to hide this column, you can do so from the screen options at the top right.

Bug fixes & translation updates

Translation files haven updated, with a few translations added, including Croatian. There’s been a few minor bugs fixed – including a conflict with Yoast’s excellent SEO plug-in.