Custom Times for Occurrences

An often requested feature is to have a recurring event whose occurrences may happen at different times. Currently you can define an initial event and can repeat that across days, weeks, months or years according to fairly complex rules. However, each occurrence is at the same time of day.

Event Organiser 2.12.0 changes that – but it has been introduced as “beta feature”. This means to enable it (for the time being), you have to add


to your wp-config.php file. 1

Although it has been tested, it’s being released as a ‘beta feature’ to allow those who really need it can enable it now, and to give it some testing out in the wild.

How to edit the time of an occurrence

You do this via the admin calendar, and dragging and dropping the event to the appropriate date (Month view) and/or time (week/day view). In later versions you’ll be able to edit the occurrence’s dates via it’s modal (which appears when clicking the occurrence).

There’s a caveat..

An event cannot have more than one occurrence on the same date. This is entirely a UI issue regarding the add/remove occurrences datepicker, and some UI limitations in Pro. This problem is actively worked on.


At this time I cannot give any useful indications of timing. But the plan is that:

  • Custom times for occurrences will be in 3.0.0 (without requiring manual enabling)
  • You’ll be able to edit occurrence date/times via the occurrence’s modal on the admin calendar
  • Events can have multiple occurrences on the same day
  • Occurrences can have arbitrary duration

For those interested you can follow progress at #240. you come across any bugs relating to this feature, please pots a new issue, but reference that issue.

  1. There was a bug in 2.12.0, fixed in 2.12.1, where this constant was mistakenly named EVENT_ORGANISER_PRO_FEATURES