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Important things you should know about Event Organiser

What is an event?

An event, as far has WordPress concerned, is just a (custom-type) post. This means an event has content, an author, publication data (this is the date the event was made public, not the dates on which it occurs) etc. However, also associated with an event is a sequence of dates – these are the occurrences of the event.

In displaying events, in say the event archives, WordPress displays duplicates of an event (one for each occurrence) and associates with each of these occurrences their respective start date and end date.

What about the single event page?

Importantly, this means that WordPress has only one page for an event, i.e. all occurrences point to the same event page. This is important to realize if you are customizing your single event page template.

The dates associated with the single event page are in fact the dates corresponding to the first occurrence of that event.

You can get an array of occurrences associated with an event using this function.