1.6 Released

This morning 1.6 went live! Thanks to all those who contributed.

In particular I’d like to thank Pascal Zerr who extended the fullcalendar shortcode so that it accept further attributes. And also to kuemerle (for venue map improvements) and Csaba Erdei (for beta testing and localisation improvements). It’s great to have people helping out!

So What’s New?

You can find a summary of the all the new features in this blog post. There’s also a lot of changes under the hood – including performance improvements and code-refactoring, as well as any confirmed bugs (to date).

New Site & Improved Documentation

At the same time as launching 1.6, I launched this site as dedicated home for Event Organiser. With it, comes much better documentation (with the help of this plugin). All available hooks, and available functions are listed. Functions will at least give you the bare minimum of information (description, arguments, what it returns and where to find it in the source). I’ll be adding more notes, and improving documentation further as time goes on.

Check out the documentation here: https://wp-event-organiser.com/documentation/function-reference