Adding alternative locations for templates

By default WordPress ‘scans’ your (parent & child) theme files looking for template files. Then when it’s displaying content to the end user, it chooses the most appropriate template file (via its template hierarchy), with child templates taking precedence over parent templates. Event Organiser adds in another layer. If the content is relating to events …

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Creating your own events page

There are several ways to create ‘event’ pages – and the best method will depend on what you want your page to do, and your level of expertise. In this tutorial we’ll be looking at the more ‘involved’ method, but before that let’s summarise the different methods:

New Default Templates In 1.7

As mentioned in this post 1.7 brings with it new default templates (see screen shots below). If you were using your own templates (in your theme) then you should notice no change. If you were happy with the old templates and what them back you can download an old version of the plug-in, extract them …

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