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    I just bought your add-on “front-end-submission” and I have a problem of use

    I explain, I created a custom submission form with the plugin, this form works very well except that when I want to modify the event after submission I do not have access to the personal fields of the form, I can change the title the recurrence or description of the event but the other fields are invisible and hence they are also invisible on the published event page

    to give you an example I hope that the people who will post events on my site can take into account the accessibility to disabled people for events they will post. So I created a custom form that allows you to choose different accessibility criteria check box. However, as moderator of my site I want to control and possibly modify these criteria before the publication of the event via the back-office wordpress. then when the event is published it is necessary that the visitor of the site is access to this information (that he can see them on the page of the event concerned otherwise it is useless

    I hope I was clear enough

    thank you for helping me


    Olivier Roux

    Hi Olivier,

    The FES extend only provides front-end submission (and editing – if enabled) of events. On the admin side, nothing changes, and the values should be editable via the custom fields metabox. (If you have chosen custom field keys that begin with a _ prefix, they won’t be visible in the custom fields metabox).

    The plug-in doesn’t display the data, you’ll need to edit your theme’s templates to include that. You can copy the event-meta-event-single.php template to your theme and make the changes there. For instance, if you used the custom field key foobar:

    echo get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'foobar', true );

    You can also enable front-end editing, just add


    to your wp-config.php.

    Stephen Harris
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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