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    Hi all, i love your plugin. I would like to up grade to the pro version but wanted to know if you have a CSV importer. My client uses IMIS to create events on that end. Then we want to import the CSV file from IMIS into your event calendar on our wordpress install. Now, i have TurboCSV that can map out the CSV file to the custom post type fields. Such as title, body, categories and custom fields. I am trying to add the event custom fields for the start time and end time of the event but i do not see the meta field name show up. What is the meta key name for these fields or do you have a CSV importer that would work. All we are importing is the name, event time and end time and a custom field that forwards the title link to the event page on the IMIS website.

    Any advise?

    Thank you

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    We can export out from IMIS as a iCal file so that works too, is there away to add a custom field to a ical file so that it imports into my custom field in the event post?

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    Hi Hughes,

    There’s currently no CSV importer and although there is an ICAL importer, the ICAL format doesn’t support custom fields. However, its still possible to import the events with a bit of custom code. Once you’ve parsed the CSV file you can use eo_insert_event() (see docs) to create the event – this returns the event (post) ID, which you can then use to include any custom meta data.

    The event’s dates and times are not handled using the post meta table (largely due to performance considerations – but also the difficultly of handling recurring events in this way), so the only reliable way of creating/updating events is through the eo_insert_event()/eo_update_event() API.

    Stephen Harris
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